Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bad Day!

Last night after attending my mother-in-laws birthday party I was preparing to drive home. I was carrying multiple items including my two year old so I sat my phone on top of the car while I loaded everything else in the car. Well...I forgot about the phone and drove off with it still on the top of my car until I heard a clunk noise which reminded me that I had set it on my car. Whoops! It was dark and on a fairly busy road. Needless to say, I didn't find it before "my Hero" was run over by another car. The screen is in about a billion pieces. I am so sad, but luckily my mother law had a phone that she is going to let me use. It isn't as nice but at least I have a phone. Right?! So then we drive home. Me in the car and my husband in the truck. About a mile from home his surpentine belt breaks, and then we get out of our vehicles and notice that the little car my inlaws gave us has a flat tire. These usually happen threes so hopefully we are done now.


Miriam said...

Yes, you are done now -- only good things from here on out, thus proclaims Mom, and I am boss!

Marie said...

I hate days like this! Hopefully things will brighten up!