Friday, April 17, 2009

Morgan Mae

We have a new neice that was born last Saturday. We have been so busy with the move, work, easter, family visits, etc. that we hadn't been to see her until last night. She is Adam's (Spencer's brother) 3rd child and very cute with long fingers and toes. The funny story is that they thought that they were going to have a girl when they were pregnant for their 1st baby. But "Suprise" baby Ethan arrived and then baby Griffin. It seems like my sister in law has just been waiting for her girl. She was given all this girl stuff for her baby shower when she was pregnant with Ethan. Now she can't stop smiling. We brought them this really cute summer dress and some onesies. We also brought a Papa Murphy's Pizza and some pop for an easy meal. Hopefully they will forgive us one day for being so late to see their little girl.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Big Move

So, we finally closed on the home we have been working on buying. It is only about 1 mile from the place we are renting now. The plans are to fix up the older house and rent it out or maybe do a swap where someone could live there rent free in exchange for daycare. Austin will be going into Kindergarden next year so he will only need to be watched 1/2 the day and Tayton all day. We don't know how it will pan out yet, but here are a few pictures. We stayed our first night there on Monday. It is so nice to have the extra space. My inlaws have been helping a lot by bringing over dinner and helping us move. Grandma W. even came over and watched the boys by keeping them in their room. That was a huge help. We unpacked a bunch of books and toys that they hadn't seen in months so it was like Christmas.