Monday, November 29, 2010

Duckie Blankie

My younger son is really attached to his blankie. I think it started about the time we took his binkie away. He likes to have it when he sleeps so when he is at my sister-in-laws house during the day he will ask for it for his nap. My husband thinks we should get rid of it. But I just think that is mean since he is only two. It does get kind of gross if I don't wash it at least once a week because he likes to chew on it. My older son and I never had anything like this for comfort so I'm not sure if it would tramatize him if we took it away. Plus he is so cute when he is cuddling with it and he is even cuter when he asks for it. I remember when my little sister would throw fits if she didn't have her 'DyDy' and I could really do without that drama. I think it would be better to let him naturally outgrow it, but what if he doesn't and is still wanting his blankie when he is 10? Any advise would be helpful.