Sunday, February 15, 2009

Almost one year

Tayton was born Feb. 29th, leap day, last year. A lot of people have been asking me when we plan on celebrating it on non-leap years. This year Saturday is Mar. 1st and works the best for a party. So we will probably just continue the tradition and celebrate it on Mar. 1st every year except every 4 years when we have a Feb. 29th. His top 2 teeth came in a couple of weeks ago and I can tell you they are very sharp from personal experience, but they are cute don't you think?!! He is a very busy boy. Spencer left for a business trip to Nebraska today so it was me by myself to take care of both boys during church today. We didn't make it to sacrament meeting, but I felt like I got my exercise for the day taking care of him during relief society. We were suppose to talk in church next week, but Spencer won't be able to so they extended my time by 5 minutes...lucky me :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Go Go Go

There is always something to do everynight it seems. Austin asked the question yesterday, "Why to we always have to go go go...can't we just go home?" I don't blame him. I am more of a home body myself but there is always so much to do. Monday was my newphews birthday, Tuesday was gymnastics, Wednesday was Lost Night at Ashleys...and on and on. Spencer is gone to Nebraska, but was suppose to come home last night. His flight couldn't land in IF because of the fog so he was redirected to Boseman, MT. A week before that he was in Lithuania for 2 weeks. I feel like a single mom must feel. I have to work today so thank goodness DeeAnn was here to watch the boys until Spencer arrives. We are living in a trailer in the Archer area right now. The original plans were to sell our other house and live off the equity while Spencer went back to school, but we found this steal of a deal out here in Archer. It is a manufactured home (where we would live) and an old house (that we would rent out). The old house needs some renovations before we can rent it out. Since we have been renting we have been saving up to fix it up. The manufactured home is almost twice the size of our other house and we are excited for the space. We have been approved, but we are still working on the paperwork. Spencer has been accepted at BYUI but we are still waiting to see what track they will put him on. Cross your fingers for Fall/Winter since he will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering and that is when most of his classes are offered.