Thursday, August 21, 2008

Austin's Birthday

It was Austin's birthday on the 19th. He turned 4 yrs. old. I decided last year that I was going to take it off work and so I did. It was a full day. We went to McDonalds for breakfast and then Austin picked out his cake at Albertsons. We bought the cake and then put the toy dinosaurs on it ourselves to save some money. Austin was begging me all day to put them on because he wanted to help, but they wouldn't fit under the plastic cover so we had to wait until just before the party. We went home for the middle part of the day to get ready for the party and try to get Austin to take a nap, but he was too excited and wouldn't. So, we went to a Youth Celebration that the Madison School District was hosting: there was blow up bouncy toys, free dinner, food, games, etc but what did Austin want to do... play on the playground toys...we did get some popcorn too. Its a good thing we went though because we saw my sister in law and her two boys there and they didn't know about his party because Spencer's brother hadn't passed the word along. So it was good. Then we went and picked Spencer up at home, changed our clothes and went to the Riot Zone for his party. We played on the blow up bouncy toys there, had cake and ice cream, and opened presents. The theme of his party was definitely dinosaurs he got quite a few dinosaur related toys as gifts. I hope everyone (missed you Rees Family) had a good time. I know I did, but I was exhausted later and he didn't want to sleep because he wanted to play with all his new toys. I don't blame him though.

Family Reunions

Boy! Have we been busy the last couple of weeks! We went camping with my family to Yellowstone where camped, went to Playmill Theater (Ashley and I spent most of the time outside with our babies, boo!), and saw the sights. I don't think I have ever been to Yellowstone Falls before and it had been probaby 10+ years since I had been to Yellowstone so it was fun.

Oh, and I almost forgot...paddleboating upstream, yea (said sarcastically)!

We also had the Parker Reunion at Squirrel Creek Cabin near Ashton. Spencer's Parents reserved a forest service cabin (no plumbing or electricity very bare bones) for those who didn't have a camper. It was a good way to escape the sun. Everyone was there except for 2 brother-in-laws and a neice and nephew. Everone played and went fourwheeling. It was fun except that I had a six month old and it was hard to go anywhere so I mostly stayed in the trailer or close to it. The last day Denise watched the boys so that Spencer and I could take Adam's new machine for a ride. I can't think of what it is called, but it is a Polaris and looks like a little jeep. It goes super fast and was fun. I guess it costed him around $10 Grand though. That is why it is nice to be relatives and friends to rich people then you don't have to buy anything but you can borrow them sometimes. Sorry I don't have any pictures, I forgot my camera.

Friday, August 1, 2008


My niece, Krista, has been watchin our boys for us this summer while we work during the week. She had this song set as her ringer and now Austin has it memorized. It was sung by Homer Simpson originally in the "Simpson Movie".