Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Funny Story

This story about Austin was relayed to me by my sister-in-law who is also currently our babysitter....A couple of weekends ago my niece returned from her mission to Chile so we all went to Boise to see her listen to her report on her mission. Apparently, while we were there one of my nephew's friends were over playing and they were all in the back yard. Sometime during the day this friend (bless his heart) told my son that he has "werewolfism" and went on to tell him that he turns into a werewolf at night. He had been talking about the moon a lot lately but never mentioned anything about werewolves to me, but he did say something to my little niece. She is 5 I think and he told her that when there is a full moon outside at night he turns into a werewolf and gets big sharp teeth, long yellow finger nails, and fur that grows on his arms, hands, and face. My sister-in-law watches them both so my niece has nightmares that whole night and won't sleep because she thinks that Austin is a werewolf and this whole time Austin has REALLY thought that he was a a werewolf too. So when my sister-in-law drops off my niece the next day she asked if Austin would tell my niece that he IS NOT a werewolf. Austin did eventually tell my niece that he wasn't one and they are all good now. I thought this story was humerous so I thought I would share. I felt bad that my niece had nightmares over it though.


Chelsea said...

What a storyteller. You better keep an eye on him!

Miriam said...

I agree with Chelsea :)